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Public Notice

Huntington City will be accepting sealed bids and a business plan to
purchase and develop the following:

 1 - Vacant lot described as: Beginning at a point on the westerly
Right-of-Way Line of highway State Route 10, said point is 73.25 feet
West and 1360.07 feet South from the Northeast corner of said Section
24; thence N. 00°06'00" W. 150.80 feet along said westerly R/W
line; thence S.89°54'00" W. 100.75 feet; thence S. 00°06'00" E.
150.80 feet; thence N.89°54'00"E. 100.75 feet to the point of
beginning. The above described tract of land contains 0.349 acres, or
15193 square feet.

 Development must start within six months and the business must be
open within twelve months to qualify for purchase.  The minimum bid is
$20,000.00.  The sealed bids must be submitted to Huntington City Hall
no later than 4:00 pm, August 17, 2011.  The bids will be opened at
that time.  Huntington City reserves the right to reject any bid.
Published in the Emery County Progress July 19 and 26, 2011.

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