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Elmo appoints new city councilman

Dallen Skelley is the new town council member of Elmo. He is the owner of Beehive Homes in Elmo.

Staff writer

On July 13, the Elmo Town Council held their regular scheduled meeting at Elmo Town Hall.

The meeting was opened by Mayor Ryan Jensen.

After opening the meeting he announced the appointment of Dallen Skelley as a new town councilman. He will fill that position until Dec. 31.

Dallen Skelley took the oath of office with his son Cache Skelley at his side.

Town Clerk Delena Fish announced there will be two four-year councilmen positions open, and a two-year council position open. These will be up for election in November.

Janessa Rasmussen sent a letter to the town in behalf of the Governing Youth Council. The GYC plans and coordinates alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention for Emery County Schools. They are requesting the town to look for a project the GYC could do for Elmo during 2011 and 2012. This request was tabled until the next meeting giving time for the members to look for a possible project in Elmo.

Shelly Burgess requested in a letter that the dumpster for the town be moved as she was tired of picking up the trash being blown from the dumpster into her yard. The dumpster is currently located on 100 North and 500 East. The trash is picked up twice a week. Several possible locations were discussed, including the possibility of discontinuing this service. The town council agreed that a second dumpster will be ordered. They also discussed the possibility of a fence to be placed around the dumpster to catch the trash blowing from the dumpster.

The town council ratified a donation to the Emery County Business Chamber.

The need for an animal control officer and how that officer would be paid was considered. In the past when they have had an animal control officer his pay was from the license fees and the fines collected. Fish suggested before the town council moves on considering the appointment of an animal control officer, that the zoning and animal control ordinances be completed. The town council needs to review the requirements for an animal control officer, such as training.

The town council received a request from the Castle Valley Special Services District in the form of a letter requesting a list of projects for 2012. The deadline for turning in this list of projects is July 18. Five blocks of curb and gutter including drainage was put on the list of Elmo Town projects for the Castle Valley Special Service District to work on in 2012.

The council approved putting stop signs on 100 North and 300 East.

An animal business ordinance will be considered at the next meeting.

Bills and water connections that need to be turned off were approved before the town council adjourned.

The next town council meeting will be Aug. 3.

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