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Notice To Public Request For Comments Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (Dbe) Goal


	Pursuant to CFR 49 Part 26, the Utah Department of Transportation
(UDOT) has developed a proposed Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
(DBE) goal in its Federal-aid Transportation Programs. UDOT has
established a 45 day comment period. Comments must be in writing and
must be received no later than 45 days from this published date.

	Proposed DBE goals have been established for the remainder of FY
2011-2014 which narrowly tailors the DBE goals to the local market.
The goal setting procedures and calculations are a part of the
proposed DBE Program information.

	The proposed overall DBE goal for Federal Transit Administration
(FTA) funded projects is:

	The anticipated race conscious goal is 2%. The anticipated race
neutral goal is 1%. FTA funds are passed through to sub-recipients who
set DBE goals as appropriate.

	The proposed DBE goals will become effective August 1, 2011 and will
continue until September 30, 2014. The DBE goals will be recalculated

	Comments are requested on the DBE goal setting procedures and the
proposed DBE goal. The DBE goal setting procedures may be viewed and
discussed at the Utah Department of Transportation, Office of Civil
Rights Section, at 4501 South 2700 West, Salt Lake City, Utah between
the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

	A copy of the goal setting procedures may be obtained by writing to:
Utah Department of Transportation, Civil Rights Section, 4501South
2700 West, Box 141520, Salt Lake City, Utah 
84114-1520 or by calling (801) 965-4208. It is also available from the
following web address:,T,V:T,2250,56438
Published in the Sun Advocate August 9, 2011.

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