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Request For Proposals

Owner: Emery Town
P O Box 108
Emery, UT 84522

	PROPOSALS for supplying large diameter HDPE Pipe for the Emery Town
Water Improvements, which includes production and delivery of 6,655
l.f. of 63-inch dia. (DR 32.5) HPDE pipe, 15,180 l.f. of 54-inch dia.
(DR 32.5) HDPE pipe and 3,465 l.f. 42-inch dia. (DR 26) HDPE pipe,
will be received by Emery Town at the office of Emery Town, 65 North
Center, PO Box 108, Emery, UT 84522 , until 5:00 p.m., August 31,

	Pipe suppliers will be required to produce and deliver HDPE pipe to
the pipe receiving yard located approximately 2.7 miles north of Emery
Town on Highway 10.

	The full RFP will be available August 15, 2011 and may be downloaded

August 12, 2011 
Mistie Christiansen, 
Published in the Emery County Progress August 16 and 23, 2011.

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