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Updated: Murder suicide being investigated by sheriff's department

A late night call at 10:57 p.m. brought law officers to the scene of an apparent murder suicide on Sunday in Carbonville.

Upon arrival the officers found a deceased man, 24,who had been shot, a short distance from a house and inside they found another man, 31, in the home dead from gun shots as well.

According to a young woman who was in the house the man who was found outside the home came up to the house and shot the other man through the window Then he came into the home. Whether he was after her or wanted to shoot the first victim again is unclear at this time. She was able to get outside and into her car and drove away before he could come in contact with her.

The woman called 911 and officers met her some distance away from the home and then they proceeded to the house.

"At this point we are still not releasing the names of the victims or of the young woman," said Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova. "We are still investigating. We did a preliminary evaluation of the scene and the bodies of the two men have been sent to the state medical examiners office for an autopsy."

It appears the shooter took his own life after the woman drove away. Reportedly she and he had been in a relationship and had broken up.

It is unknown whether the shooter had lodged threats against the victim or the woman prior to the murder.

"We will know more after the investigation is concluded," said Cordova. "Actually at this point we are not sure how many times bullets struck the victim in the house. That information will come from the medical examiner."

Stay with the Emery County Progress for more information on this case. We will post what is available on this website and there will also be a comprehensive story in the Tuesday paper edition of our sister paper, the Sun Advocate.

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