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Navy family remembers fallen SEALs


Navy family remembers fallen SEALs. At the home of Glenn and Sylvia Nelson of Huntington, an additional flag is now being flown in honor and in memory of the 30 who went down in the helicopter recently in Afghanistan, 22 of which were Navy SEALs.

This loss, among others, has really touched many lives, right here in Utah. The Nelsons, too, since their son Capt. Steven G. Nelson, retired, was once a part of SEAL Team 6. Capt. Nelson knew personally two of those who went down and knew of several others in the group.

Steven is a graduate of Emery High, class of 1980, and of NAPS and USNA, class of 1985, who retired in 2010 after 31 years; 26 years on SEAL teams in many capacities all over the world.

Since Steven still works for the Navy as a civilian, he and his family are still effected by these sad losses of friends and acquaintances too, each time one more of our troops are lost.

Glenn Nelson says he "Will fly this flag until all 22 SEALs have come home and are laid to rest with honor."

The Nelson's will continue to proudly fly the Flag of these United States, daily, to pay respect to all our troops wherever they may serve, to say thank you for keeping our nation strong and free.

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