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Crandall Canyon Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

Runners in the half marathon begin the race near Electric Lake in Huntington Canyon.

The Crandall Canyon Memorial half marathon took place on July 30. The results for the half marathon are as follows;

1. Engle, Chuck -2:55:52

2. Krugger, Gary-3:05:55

3. Evans, Mike-3:29:56

4. Marquardt, Will-3:31:57

5. Jensen, Eric-3:34:34

6. Henry, Phil-3:38:49

7. Morris, Frank-3:42:28

8. Collado, Maximillion-3:52:16

9. Dustin, Shawn-3:54:58

10. Foster, Mark-3:56:28

Results for the 10k and 5k can be found on the website.

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