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SouthEastern Utah OHV Club poker ride benefit

This rider turns onto the Wrigley Reservoir road at the top of the dugway in Ferron Canyon.

The SouthEastern Utah OHV Club partnered with Millsite State Park to host a poker ride to benefit the park. Many club members along with people who were camped in the park came together to make the ride.

The course for the day began at Millsite State park and continued up Ferron Canyon to the Wrigley Reservoir turnoff. Just past Wrigley, the course turned onto the "Hunter's Highway" trail. Riders continued on that trail back into Ferron Canyon to Dairy Point, and then back down the canyon to Millsite State Park.

Following the poker run, riders were treated to a hamburger and hot dog dinner. Prizes were then awarded to the riders who drew the best poker hand throughout the ride.

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