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Candidates seek office in local municipalities


This may be an off year for county government seats and national elections but the cities and towns will be busy with municipal elections. The general election will be held on Nov. 8. The polls will be open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. The following individuals filed as candidates for the three positions for Castle Dale City council member-four year term. Joel S. Dorsch, Bradley H. Giles, Dixie K. Thompson.

In Orangeville candidates include: city council member four years, three positions available: James L. Davis, Carol D. Stilson, Bill Dellos, Brent H. Tuttle and Ben Orgill.

In Ferron a municipal primary election will be held on Sept. 13. Three council member seats are available, each for a four year term. Those running for these seats include: Tammy Auberger, Michael Behling, Beth S. Black, Ronny Bloomer, McCall B. Fuller, Garrett Hansen and Abby Jensen.

The following persons have filed a Declaration of Candidacy with Emery Town for the office of city council member. Two seats available (four year term) Karen A. Roberts, Corinne Dalton and Patrick N. Sundstrom.

In Huntington City for the office of city council member. Three seats are available, four year terms, Tom Grimm, Julie Jones, Travis Larsen, Gerald R. Livingston, Leonard L. Norton and Jackie Wilson have applied to run for these seats.

In Elmo Town those running include: Clark Atwood-two year Mayor; Brady V. Staples-four year councilman; Brent Hadfield-four year councilman; Dallen Skelley two year councilman.

In Cleveland Town, Kobi Erni, Carson Thomas Grimm and Beth Mecham have applied for the two, four year council member terms.

Also in Cleveland there are mid-term vacancy for the offices of Mayor and council person.

Interested persons need apply in writing to the Cleveland Town Office. You must be a resident of Cleveland for a period of 12 consecutive months immediately preceeding this vacancy and be a registered voter of the municipality.

The positions will be filled by appointment by the Cleveland Town Council during the Sept. 8 Town Council meeting starting at 7 p.m. at 130 West Main, Cleveland. The appointed term will run through December 2013.

In Green River there are three, four year positions open. Those applying are: Keith Brady, Troy Pettit, Gary Riches, Penny Riches, Kathy Ryan and Julie Steuer.

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