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Heroes among us


We see them in action quite often. Their pictures appear in the newspaper, we see them on the side of the road. Whether it's responding to a minor fender bender or a major incident, these men and women respond without hesitation, many times without fear for their own lives. They put the lives of those they are rescuing before their own. When asked why they do what they do, often times the response is "it's what we were trained to do, "or "I'm just doing my job."

But what we don't see is how they are affected by some of the tragedies they respond to. This county has seen some devastating rescue efforts in the last couple of years. Most of the time we don't see the tears that the rescuers shed over lost lives. We don't see the anguish on their faces when there isn't any more they can do to save a life.

This isn't merely a thank you to follow in line with the yearly acknowledgment of our hometown heroes. We as residents of Emery County are very proud that we have compassionate, fearless, dedicated men and women who help protect us and come to our aid. Whether they are paid employees or passionate volunteers, they are our heroes.

9-11 Patriotic program

In honor of the victims and survivors of 9-11 the San Rafael studentbody is presenting a patriotic program. They are inviting all local law enforcement, fire fighters, search and rescue, EMTs, highway patrol, Veterans, servicemen in reserve, National Guard and interested citizens to attend the program. The assembly will be on Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. in the San Rafael Junior High gym in Ferron.

There will be a guest speaker, Charles Durrant, a former teacher at the school who has been to Iraq and Afganistan on active duty. The students will be writing the names of the victims of 9-11 on ribbons and they will tie these to the fence.

Visitors to the school will be invited to write a name and participate in this ceremony also. The students will be learning about 9-11 all week. They will watch a movie about 9-11 and learn of the victims. A special flag ceremony will also be presented at the school on Sept. 9. San Rafael invites the entire community to join them for this special memorial service. Call Dianne Butler at the school if you need additional information at 384-2335.

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