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Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all our friends

Dear Editor and Friends,

We would like to thank all of those who expressed sympathy and kept us in their prayers throughout the difficult time following the passing of our daughter Laney. We have been overwhelmed by the quantity, quality, and variety of people who have shared with us their memories of how Laney affected their lives. Your comments have given us comfort and have brought forth sweet memories of our own. We are grateful for the cards, the calls, and the financial contributions made which helped us to endure this tragedy and provide for her funeral and burial.

Although we have not lived in Emery County since Laney was in seventh grade, we received so much love and concern from our Emery friends that it felt like we had never left. We are grateful for all who asked Laney's grandma, aunts and uncle to pass their love to us. The love and prayers of friends and family have done much to sustain us throughout this difficult time. Our friends from "back home" are very dear to us and we love you all.

We are also especially appreciative of those of the Search and Rescue, law enforcement and fire department communities who risked themselves to bring her home to us. In whatever part of the state emergency responders work, they really shine forth, especially in times of crisis. Some of these compassionate heroes volunteered to return and retrieve Laney's camera and phone on their day off. Although it ended up not being necessary, we were so touched by their willingness to do that.

Thank you again,

Wade and Tina Peacock and children

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