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Emery High Superfans

Wayne and Elaine Wilberg are Emery High Superfans.

During half-time of the Emery High girls basketball game on Feb. 15, Principal Gwen Callahan awarded two loyal Emery High fans the title of "Super Fan."

Callahan said, "Tonight we would like to honor two very loyal, dedicated and true Emery High super fans and supporters. Wayne and Elaine Wilberg have consistently attended Emery High sporting events since the 60s. They have enjoyed attending basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, softball and track events. One amazing thing is that they didn't even have their own children to watch since they have four daughters and there were no competitive sports for girls to participate in at that time-(but their daughters were on the drill team and the cheer squads). They have just loved watching the kids and the sports whether they had family to watch or not. Wayne and Elaine have followed the Emery High athletes from St. George to Ogden and everywhere in between. They have seldom missed a state basketball tournament.

"When the 16 grandchildren came along and got involved with sports, they attended Jr. Jazz games, junior high games, county league soccer and wrestling events, church games, high school sports�including basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball and track�and then onto college basketball, volleyball and track events and even to the NBA games. Over the years they have had three grandsons participate in high school basketball, three grandsons in baseball, two granddaughters on the drill team, four grandchildren on the track team, and five granddaughters on the high school volleyball, basketball, softball and track teams. One grandson went on to play at Brigham Young University and the NBA and three granddaughters went through college on athletic scholarships�one in volleyball at College of Eastern Utah, one in volleyball at University of Utah and one in track at Southern Utah University.

"Wayne and Elaine have been untiring in their support for their grandchildren and all of the other Emery High athletes in nearly all of the sports. They have spent countless hours in travel, time, money and sitting in the bleachers watching the sports and people they love most. They enjoy seeing all of the kids grow, learn and improve. They are true-blue Emery High fans and supporters and will continue to be so as long as they are able," said Callahan.

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