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Ferron Field of Flags patriotic program

The Field of Flags on display at the church park in Ferron.


Ferron Peach Days second annual Patriotic Program Field of Flags was held at 7 a.m. on Sept. 10. With the backdrop of the Field of Flags placed on the lawn the program was held before a large audience. The American Legion brought in the flag and presented the flag ceremony. Ferron Mayor JoAnn Behling announced the program. Emery County Commissioner James Nelson read a poem about how the playing of Taps came into being. Taps was first played over a Virginia battlefield. It is played each evening and is heard by soldiers all over the world before they go to sleep each night.

Alex Stephenson and Roger Barton sang the National Anthem. Al Shakespaere sang God Bless the USA.

Kent Petersen recited the Ragged Old Flag.

The American Legion Auxiliary members showed how to fold a flag and told what the 13 folds of the flag represent. Jo Sansevero told about each fold and its meaning. Meanings include: life, eternal life, Veterans who give a portion of their lives in the defense of their country; our weaker nature causes us to look to God for divine guidance. The flag represents a tribute to our country, the pledge of allegiance to the flag represents where our hearts lie. A tribute to the Armed Forces who protect our country and our flag. The eighth fold represents those who have died in the defense of our country; the ninth fold represents a tribute to mothers, the 10th fold represents a tribute to fathers. The 11th fold represents King David and Solomon who represent great wisdom, the 12th fold represents the emblem of eternity and glorifies God. The 13th fold brings the stars to the top and reminds everyone of our nation's motto In God We Trust. The fully folded flag resembles a triangle which is representative of the hats that the army of George Washington wore and of the Marines of John Paul Jones. The traditions of the flag have deep meaning and from shore to shore the flag flies as a symbol of freedom.

Mayor Behling asked for a moment of silence and asked everyone to reflect on the sacrifices the soldiers have made for our country and to remember those who passed away on Sept. 11, 2001. "Take time to reflect on our country every time you see a flag," said Mayor Behling.

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