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Pirates take on the Tintic Miners and the Tabiona Tigers

Hunter Jones covers third base for the Green River Pirates.

Guest Writer

It was the top of the fifth inning of a five inning game against the Tintic Miners on the Miners home field. The Pirates were tied in a fairly equal ball game. The number three hitter, Greg Johnson wisely eyed a 3-1 pitch sail outside the strike zone and got called as a ball. Jake Corrigan was up next and with a 2-2 count got caught looking and struck out, but not before Greg stole second base. Hunter Jones was up next and like Jake, Hunter struck out looking but not before Greg stole third base and on a wild pitch crossed home plate - Pirates with the lead. TJ Hughes was up next with two outs and watched a full count pitch get called for a strike.

The Pirates had taken the lead going into the bottom of the fifth inning. Hold them here, claim the victory and get ready for the next game. That was the thinking but that's not what happened. Three untimely errors in the inning proved too much for the Pirates and the Miners scored two to take the game. Ouch, the Pirates dropped one but regrouped to take the next.

At the end of six innings of play, the Pirates were down one but Chance Pfander was the first batter up at the top of the seventh and final inning. Like the previous game with Greg, Chance got on base by watching a full count pitch get called a ball. Spencer Marshall was up next which allowed Chance to steal second. Spencer took a 1-2 pitch deep to center field and Chance motored home to tie the score. Spencer got out at second and the next two batters got struck out but the game was tied and the Pirates had to hold the Miners to take the game to extra innings.

The number five hitter for the Miners took the first pitch from Spencer Marshall for a base hit to center and stole second base. The number six hitter stepped to the plate and took a 0-1 pitch deep to left field - game over. Those pesky errors are sure game changers.

The next game up for the Green River Pirates was the Tabiona Tigers who traveled to play on the Pirates home field. The Pirates were hungry for region win as they had dropped the two previous games. The Tigers jumped out quickly with one earned run but three unearned runs. The Pirates answered with a double by Justin Johnson who scored on a wild pitch. The Pirates went scoreless until the fourth inning when TJ Huges crossed home plate by way of an RBI by Kyle Johnson but those two scores weren't enough to match the six more runs scored by the Tigers.

The second game was much like the first except for the unfortunate fact that the Pirates committed more errors.

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