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Burglary at BKs in Huntington; other criminal activity

This cow hide and insides on a road near Elmo is an illegal dumping.


In the early morning hours of Sept. 10 there was a burglary at BKs Stop and Shop in Huntington. Two suspects entered the store. They were wearing masks and hoods and their faces weren't recognizable. They had two look outs set up outside the store. When the clerks arrived to open the store they knew the store had been burglarized. Deputies John Spinney and Tyson Huntington were on duty at the time and they came to the store. Det. John Barnett conducted the investigation at the store. Sheriff Greg Funk and Lt. Robert Blackburn came to the scene to assist. Lt. Blackburn reported a lot of tobacco products were taken from the store. Approximately $5,000 worth of cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other tobacco items. Lt. Blackburn said, "We received a tip on Sept. 12 as to who might have carried out this burglary. We obtained a search warrant in Huntington. There were four juveniles involved. We located evidence that implicated the youth in the burglary. We have recovered most of the product taken. It was suspected the juveniles were going to use the products themselves and also resell the products to others. During the burglary there was also some damage to the store and the compressors for the coolers causing a loss of food items. The suspects were apprehended and taken to detention. Charges include burglary of a dwelling which is a third degree felony and theft over an item more than $1,500 and less than $5,000 which is a second degree felony. The juveniles will come before the juvenile court judge."

In an unrelated incident there have been a number of tagging episodes in the Huntington area. A number of cars and dwellings have been spray painted. This tagger has been caught and arrested. The vandalism suspect arrested was Melcon G. Bitsie. DOB 10-2-1992. Bitsie was listed as being a visitor to the area and has family here.

In another unrelated incident, a copper thief has been apprehended. XTO has had a large amount of copper wire taken. Deputy Shon Roper took the report from XTO. Capt. Thomas and Sheriff Funk staked out the area where the thefts have taken place and where a stash of wire was hidden. In the early morning hours two suspects came back to the area and were apprehended as they tried to load the wire. In this incident Daniel Wayne Garrish, DOB 8-10-86 and Jamie Sue Richardson DOB 7-21-80 were arrested for theft. Lt. Blackburn said these copper products are taken and they sell it at recycling centers and metal salvage yards. The products aren't usually taken locally, but out of the area. Sometimes the wire is stripped and burned.

In other incidents, Lt. Blackburn said there have been a number of farm equipment thefts. The thieves are hooking onto farm equipment and taking it. He warns everyone to watch for suspicious activity on local farms and to notify the sheriff's office.

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