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What are you doing now? Spotlight: Steven Farrer

Steven's family greets him as he arrives home from a tour of duty. His wife Sara and son Seth are all smiles.
Steven Farrer in Iraq driving around the stryker.

The spotlight this week is on former Emery County resident Steven Farrer. Farrer catches us up on what he's been doing the last few years since he graduated from Emery High and left the county. "I graduated in 1998 and moved around Utah, Wyoming and Colorado working a variety of construction jobs. I joined the Air Force as a 2W1X1, Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist, or weapons specialist for short. We load, maintain, repair, inspect, and test aircraft weapons systems.

"My first assignment was Hill Air Force Base, where I met my lovely wife Sara and her son Seth. We were married in March of 2002, and then I left for South Korea in April. I saw her for about a month during my year assignment. After Korea, we were stationed at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. During that time frame I adopted Seth and we had a second son named Devin. Devin was born in a German hospital and has dual citizenship. In 2006 I received orders back to Hill AFB. In 2009 I was assigned to Eielson AFB, Alaska. We live in North Pole, Alaska near Fairbanks. The military has given me an opportunity to travel to a variety of places like Japan, Okinawa, Victoria Island in Canada, Dubai in U.A.E., France, Holland, Luxemburg, and several other places. I've been deployed several times to the Middle East as well.

"I'm still married with two kids. My wife has been a huge part in my success. She has helped me get through the tough times, and held everything together for us while I've been away. After seeing the world, the only thing I want to do now is settle down to spend more time with my family."

Farrer said, "I grew up in Orangeville and my dad worked at Deer Creek coal mine, my mom worked as a lunch lady and a janitor in several schools as well.

"I would love to move back to Emery County, but it depends on what happens in the next couple years. I'm trying to finish my Bachelors degree, and am one class away from receiving my associate degree in Aircraft Armament. My wife and I will have to decide where we want to live when the time comes, but for now it's all up in the air. I do visit Emery County when I can, my parents still live in Orangeville, but I haven't been able to visit since 2009," said Farrer.

Farrer is the son of JoAnn and William Farrer.

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