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Volunteers needed for Old Spanish Trail conference

Preceding, and partly in preparation for the Old Spanish Trail conference in June 2012, later this month there will be two days of training for up to a dozen volunteers from Sevier, Emery and Piute counties. This will be the first trail stewardship course ever conducted in Utah, on Oct. 21-22, and will be focused on and prepare the stewards to assist with work understanding and promoting the Fish Lake Cut-off.

These volunteers will have the opportunity to be important community ambassadors and advocates for this most important newly rediscovered segment of the Old Spanish National Historic Trail. They will assist public land managers by performing monitoring assessments, exploring, serving as site monitors, surveyor-recorders, and interpreters. They will not be law enforcement persons or certified archeologists, but they will be in the forefront of helping the community become much more aware of this important historic treasure in our midst.

This segment of the trail has dramatically visible remnants, literally "artifacts in place," largely discovered by Bob Leonard and Lydia Jakovac of the Fish Lake National Forest Service. The federal law provides that "each federal land manager shall establish a program to increase public awareness of the significance of the archeological resources located on public lands and the need to protect such resources." The newly-trained trail stewards will be in the forefront of this effort.

Another segment of the applicable legislation states that "certain individuals and organizations with a demonstrated interest in the undertaking's effects on historic properties" are encouraged to become involved in essentially the first line of protection and promotion of those resources.

Some of this training will be classroom instruction, with other portions being conducted out on the trail. Several meals will be provided and it will be a most satisfying and important experience for those who become involved.

If interested in becoming a steward, contact David Ogden as soon as possible at 435-896-5232.

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