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Letters to the Editor

Concerned for Emery Post Office


I am one of many seniors residing in Emery City. On Oct 11, I attended a meeting to discuss alternatives to the possible closing of our post office.

The worst of the given alternatives, was to use the Ferron post office. Ferron is 14 miles from Emery. The cost of fuel would have folks paying nearly $4 per day to receive mail providing that they collect it daily.

No matter what was said on Oct.11, the Ferron parking lot is too small and proximity to the school directly across the street presents a danger as I have noticed children running out into the street.

Another idea was cluster boxes,the better of the alternatives. The roadside gets slick and the elderly could slip and break a hip or worse. The best idea is to leave it be the way it is.

Stopping Saturday delivery, retirement buy out, selling excess postal property would be a good start. Billions of dollars in retirements spent each year is a much larger cost than the Emery post office.

I personally have health problems that I feel would hinder a daily 28 mile drive,but I never know when my much needed medication will arrive.

I have sent e-mails and letters to every senator and congressman I know and so often, but it's the pocket padding lobbyist we need to get rid of.

Howard Barnes, Emery

Appreciates the opportunity


Hi, my name is Karsyn Robb, I recently performed in Castle Dale for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I just wanted to thank Emery County Domestic Violence Coalition, Emery High School and everyone who came to the shows for all the support.

Also, I would like to thank the Emery County Progress for the awesome couple of articles put out promoting the events. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed performing in Emery County.

Karsyn Robb, Park City

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