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Charges filed against former deputy

Clayton Bell.


Charges have been filed against former Emery County deputy Clayton Bell. He resigned from the sheriff's office on Oct. 1. On Oct. 16 Clayton Bell was located inside the Emery County Sheriff's Office. Bell had driven his pick-up truck and parked in an area next to the courthouse where his vehicle would not be seen by dispatch cameras. During an investigation, Bell said he had used a card similar to a credit card to manipulate the lock on the front door to the sheriff's office on two occasions. Once inside the office, Bell gained access to a secured armory which had a key to the evidence room. Bell accessed the evidence room on Oct. 15 and on Oct. 16 and removed prescription pills from the evidence room. During questioning Bell was asked if he had anything illegal on his person. He said no. A search found 40 prescription pills in his pant pocket. He stated he hadn't taken anything else, and that he had developed an addiction to pain medication. Bell indicated he did not have a prescription and needed some medication. He stated he had taken some of the pills he had removed from the evidence room on Oct. 15.

Bell's vehicle was also searched and a pair of sheriff's office issue binoculars was found. During questioning Bell indicated he had taken the binoculars prior to his resigning on Oct. 1. Bell said he has taken pills, bullets and the binoculars from the evidence room and the armory over the past year. He indicated he had accessed the evidence room five-10 times in the last two months without authorization. This was prior to his resigning.

The Emery County Attorney's Office has filed the following charges against Bell. They include: Count one; DUI: Metabolite; Count two; burglary; count three: possession of a firearm by a restricted person; count four-theft third degree; count five theft-class B; Count six; possession of a controlled substance prohibited in a correctional facility.

Sheriff Greg Funk said, "Our law enforcement family has been touched by drugs. Every family will experience problems with drugs at some point. As it was our office and personnel involved we didn't investigate this ourselves. We asked that the criminal action be handled by the state bureau of investigation. We felt this would be the fairest to our citizens and to Clayton. I feel sad for Clayton and for his family. It's unfortunate these things happen, but drugs will affect every family and the results can be devastating.

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