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Huntington fire station behind schedule

Sports writer

At the Huntington City October City council meeting, the new Huntington City fire station was the topic talked about the most. Although construction work is progressing now, the fact that the construction is more than two months behind schedule is a hot topic.

The construction firm, Valley Builders out of Gunnison, blames the metal building manufacturer for the delay. The City Council acknowledges that company's role in the delay but blames the general contractor since they should control their sub-contractors.

Councilman Travis Larsen stated that the contractor on the fire station has an $800 per day penalty in the contract for every day they go over the contracts finish date. The penalty could be for thousands of dollars. The city attorney is reviewing.

Councilman Jerry Livingston reminded city residents that the city ordinance on vehicles or recreational vehicles such as motor homes or travel trailers should not be parked on city roads for longer than 72 hours. This is especially true during the winter when snow will need to be plowed.

Livingston also stated that several sections of sidewalk around town have been removed and replaced where those sections were either sunken or severely cracked. He also reported that several new blocks of curb and gutter are finally going in.

Mayor Hilary Gordon reported that city employees reroofed the city shop building and they saved the city thousands over having it done by an outside contractor. The roof needed replacement now as many sections of shingles were gone and the wood was exposed.

The council also agreed to put in a small building at the dumpster site for city employees that are working there. Since hiring an employee to work the site, the dumpster site is looking good and people are generally following the rules.

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