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SRJH Honor Society Induction Ceremony

SRJH New Honor Society Members: (not in order) Madi Allinson, Derek Anderson, Landon Barnett, Josie Bjarnson, Laura Burke, Bryce Dugmore, Zachery Fauver, Becca Furner, Trevor Graham, Jonny Jensen, Camrey Johnson, Cache Leavitt, Jessica Mason, Jessica Olsen, Tyler Olsen, Kylie Peterson, Kelsey Reeve, Braydon Roberts, Jason Roberts, Kaitlyn Thompson, Kannon Toomer, Triston Tuttle, Nathan Urie, Devin Willson, and Cheyanne Winn.

On Oct. 11, 25 students were inducted into the San Rafael Junior High Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. A student must maintain a 3.75 grade point average to become a member of the society. The students were honored at a short program held for them and their parents.

The program began with Hans Baantjer leading his choir singing "To Those Who Serve." They were accompanied by Eileen Lofthouse. The chorus consisted of the following Honor Society Members: Kayla Allen, Laura Burke, Madelyn Carter, Mark DeBry, Bryce Dugmore, Brittany Fortner, Becca Furner, Jonny Jensen, Lexee Jewkes, Hailey Johnson, Kylie Peterson, Kelsey Reeve, and Ashleigh Robinson.

After the chorus, the parents were welcomed by Liza Roberts and Lara Barnett, the Honor Society Advisors. The program continued with two wonderful musical numbers. A piano solo, "Lane's Theme," was played by Ashleigh Robinson. Then, Derek Anderson performed a medley of songs arranged by himself. The candle lighting ceremony was presented by the Honor Society Officers. Valerie Chynoweth, Chapter President talked about the importance of Scholarship and how we should apply it in our lives. Braydon Roberts, President-elect, reminded us that citizenship is vital to the strength of our country. Landon Barnett, secretary, explained that service and leadership are critical to improve our world. Devin Willson, eighth grade class president, spoke on the importance of valuing character in our lives.

The program concluded with Principal GarthJohnson congratulating the students and reminding them that they are the future leaders of our country. He also encouraged them to keep working hard at school and throughout their lives.

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