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Transformer catches fire at Huntington Power Plant

A fire was reported at the Huntington Power plant in Huntington Canyon on Nov. 16 at approximately 3:13 p.m. A call came into the Emery County Sheriff's Office. They reported one transformer had caught on fire. Property damage was reported, but the extent of the damage isn't known at this time. There are two transformers together with a fire wall in between and one of the transformers was on fire.

The Huntington and Castle Dale fire departments were paged out. A transformer blew causing the fire and a protective relay tripped power unit one and unit two is already down due to an overhaul at this time. No injuries were reported and the fire was quickly extinguished.

The transformer is one installed in an overhaul at the plant one year ago. A spare transformer is on hand at the power plant and a repair company will come in and take out the fire damaged transformer and install the spare transformer.

The plant will be off line for a short time while the repairs are made. Power plant manager Darrell Cunningham said there was no interruption of power to the power plant customers. The fact that power wasn't lost and there were no injuries made the event manageable. These types of problems occur from time to time with power plants.

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