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Ferron Firemen Honored

Staff Writer

Mayor Kent Larsen with the Ferron Fire Department.

On March 5, Ferron Mayor Kent Larsen presented the volunteer firefighters and EMTs with a token of the town's appreciation. All the firefighters and EMTs were given jackets embroidered with the fire department emblem.

"Your efforts during the New Year's Eve fire were exemplary" said Larsen. Just after the New Year began, the fire broke out in a shop behind the home of Don Conover.

In spite of the holiday, the department responded and all the hours of training paid off. Mayor Larsen commended the department on their efficient and safe actions.

"Had it not been for your dedicated actions, more property would have been lost, and more importantly, you did it all without injuries to anyone," said Larsen.

Firefighters and EMTs of the Ferron Fire Department are Randy Nielsen, fire chief and EMT supervisor, Jamie Nielsen, EMT, Gayland Dugmore, Geneal Dugmore, EMT, Andy Deto, Eddie Deto, Dustin Deto, Tracy Nelson, Becky Nelson, EMT, Steve Kemple, Doris Walker, EMT, Adam Wayman, Dustin Rollins, Blake Behling, Maureen Copatch, EMT, Carey Bloomer, EMT, and Steve Gravely, EMT.

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