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Emery swimmers down Carbon

Left to right: Spencer Fauver, Justan Potter, and Tyler Pulli.

Sports writer

"Spartans drown the Dinos" is the headline wanted by the Emery High swim team after they defeated the Carbon Dinos in a dual meet last week in Castle Dale. This wasn't so much of a headline about the Dinos as it was a headline about the Spartans.

For the first time in the existence of swimming at Emery High, the Spartans finally won a dual meet over a fully staffed opponent and this is reason to celebrate how far this program has come is such a short time. Kudos need to be given to the coaches and the swimmers as they have each worked long and hard to excel in this very difficult sport.

Although Carbon won 12 events and Emery winning only 10 events, the Spartans had enough team depth to win the meet by the narrowest of margins.

The Emery boys defeated Carbon 129-127 while the Emery girls defeated Carbon 137-133. Final team score was 266 for Emery and 260 for Carbon. So while the "drowning" wasn't a shellacking, it was a victory and even by the smallest of margins, a win is still a win.

Emery had three double winners on the day and the Dinos had two. Lance Riche, Carbon, won the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard freestyle. Riche was also a member of the winning 200-yard medley relay team and the winning 400-yard freestyle relay team. Brent Keller won the 100-yard butterfly and the 500-yard freestyle. Keller was also on the winning 200-yard medley relay team and the 400-yard freestyle relay team.

Eli Oliverson, Jessica Guymon and Hailee Rogers all won two events for Emery. Eli won the 100-yard breaststroke and the 100-yard freestyle. Jessica won the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke. Hailee won the 200-yard IM and the 100-yard freestyle. Both girls were also on the winning 200-yard medley relay team.

Also winning for Emery were Weston Allinson in the 200-yard IM, Tanner Petersen in the girls 100-yard backstroke and Laryssa Guymon in the 100-yard butterfly.

Also winning for Carbon were Jill Malone in the 200-yard freestyle, Dakota Powell in the boys 50-yard freestyle and Aysha Black in the girls 500-yard freestyle. Carbon won five of six relay events.

Here are the participants on the winning relay teams. Emery won the 200-yard medley with Jessica Guymon, Tanner Petersen, Hailee Rogers and Laryssa Guymon.

Carbon won the boy's 200-yard medley with Lance Riche, Thory VanDyke, Dakota Powell and Brent Keller.Carbon won the girls 200-yard freestyle with Heidi Prettyman, Tati Larsen, Erica Mantz and Brittney Willson. Carbon won the boys 200-yard freestyle with Dylan Jarrett, Zach Prettyman, Thory VanDyke and Joel Garff. Carbon won the girls 400-yard freestyle with Paula Gibson, Aysha Black, Lauren Engar and Brittney Willson. Carbon won the boy's 400-yard freestyle with Brent Keller, Lance Riche, Joel Garff and Dakota Powell.

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