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Live Nativity

The Huntington Youth City council participates in a live nativity scene to celebrate the Christmas season. Participants include: Caleb Brower, Hal Guymon, John Birch, Cleo Halliday, Triston Wayman, Trinity Wayman, Aaron Brower, Chase Fausett, Ben Brower, Josh Hess, Alyssya Hess, Grace Birch and Jordan Birch.

Huntington youth present Christmas story

The Huntington youth city council held a live nativity scene in Huntington. The angels included Caleb Brower, Hal Guymon, and John Birch. The two shepherds were Cleo Halliday and Triston Wayman. The part of Mary was played by Trinity Wayman, Joseph was Aaron Brower. Three Wise men included: Chase Fausett, Ben Brower and Josh Hess. Alyssa Hess was the inn- keeper and Grace Birch was a store keeper. Jordan Birch was the narrator and read the story of baby Jesus.

The youth city council hopes to make this an annual community event in Huntington.

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