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Canyon View wins championship at tourney

The Canyon View Junior High wrestling squad took the championship at the Castle Valley Athletics Association annual wrestling tournament held this year at San Rafael.

By GARY ARRINGTON, Sports Writer

Although the Canyon View Cougars won the recently completed junior high season ending wrestling tournament, the Mont Harmon Pirates won six individual weights to four of the Cougars, four for the Helper Rams and two for the San Rafael Bulldogs. Here are the results of each weight class: 75 pounds-Trey Crider, MH, first, Dallin Grant, MH, second, Colton Allred, CV, third and Drew Jones, MH, fourth. At 81 pounds-Joseph Stoddard, CV, first, Dallan Ward, SR, second, Kyler Megann, MH, third and Derek Justice, CV, fourth.

At 87 pounds-Alen Manzo, MH, first, Jaden Sitterud, SR, second, Cole Stoddard, CV, third and Shamus Tucker, CV, fourth. At 93 pounds- Ryan Hansen, H, first, Nathan Urie, SR, second, Cameron Peterson, CV, third and Eli Richards, SR, fourth.

At 99 pounds-Chad Collard, SR, first, Chandler Boyd, MH, second, Austin Allred, CV, third and Darrell Guymon, CV, fourth. At 105 pounds-McKoy Christiansen, SR, first, Justin Jennings, CV, second, Austin Guymon, CV, third and Robbie Matkin, MH, fourth.

At 111 pounds-David Bird, CV, first, Taylor Griffeth, MH, second, Jacky Byrge, H, third and Ignaccio Arrien, SR, fourth. At 118 pounds-Kallon Curtis, CV, first, Chance Thompson, CV, second, Cameron Nelson, SR, third, and Jesse Turner, MH, fourth.

At 124 pounds-Justice Pendray, MH, first, James Clark, MH, second, Charles Turner, SR, third and Abram Hadfield, CV, fourth. At 132 pounds-Taylon Abeyta, MH, first, Kyler Wood, H, second, Marcos Castro, CV, third and Andrew Gilson, SR, fourth.

At 140 pounds-Johnny O'Hearon, H, first, Logan Olsen, MH, second, Mason Fausett, H, third and Ethan Tuttle, CV, fourth. At 148 pounds-Matt Mecham, CV, first, Ryan Atwood, H, second, Nash Nicholson, MH, third and Jared Holmes, SR, fourth.

At 155 pounds-Caleb Urrutia, H, first, Jorge Valenzuela, CV, second, Peyton Fausett, MH, third and Trevor Justice, SR, fourth. At 165 pounds-Rylon Brinkerhoff, H, first, Jason Rublo, SR, second, Hal Guymon, CV, third and AJ Adams, H, fourth.

At 175 pounds-Wyatt Jeffs, MH, first, Nathan Pritt, H, second, Lakota, Clark, SR, third and Ty Mecham, CV, fourth. At HWT- Dallyn Mower, MH, first, Tuckett Allred, SR, second, Marcus Santi, H, third and Caleb Nelson, MH, fourth.

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