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Let's Get Ready and Cheer!

San Rafael Junior High Cheerleaders show their spirit.

The Cheer/Drill competition was held on March 13 at San Rafael Junior High. The cheer competition was held first. The first category was performance dance with San Rafael, Helper and Mont Harmon Junior Highs participating. Next was competition cheer with Helper, Mont Harmon, Canyon View, and San Rafael. Incorporated cheer was the last category in the cheer competition and all four schools participated.

The drill competition had three categories: Dance, Prop, and Novelty. Canyon View Junior High and San Rafael Junior High competed in the drill competition.

After the novelty drill competition, the awards were given: for performance cheer dance, first place Mont Harmon, second place San Rafael; for competition cheer, first place San Rafael, second place Mont Harmon; for incorporated cheer, first place San Rafael, second place Helper; for dance/drill, first place San Rafael, second place Canyon View; for prop, first place San Rafael, second place Canyon View; for novelty, first place San Rafael, second place Canyon View; for individual dance/drill, first place Jasha Hinkins, San Rafael, second place Savannah Winn, San Rafael, third place Samantha Behling, San Rafael; individual cheer dance, first place Ashlyn Spillman, Mont Harmon, second place Fiona Marcelino, Mont Harmon, third place ReAnn Campbell, Mont Harmon. Cheer advisors are Jackie Weihing, Canyon View, Jaylene Fullmer, Helper, Tori Frandsen, Mont Harmon and Stacey Jewkes, San Rafael. San Rafael Jr. High Cheerleaders, Savannah Winn, Kamber Jensen, Jessica Hill, April Bulkley, Kaitlin Reeves, Whitney Snow, Melissa Marsh, Angela Larson, Brandee Behling, Bridi Dale, Laurel Lemon, Jasha Hinkins, Brittany Stokes, Lacy Branson, Kaylei Wareham, Samantha Behling.

Canyon View Cheerleaders, Brittany Ungerman, Karen Espino, Ashton Hansen, BrittLee Ward, Breann Bentley, Adriana Duran, Candice Jensen, Kelsi Ekker, Kira Sherman, Heidi Van Wagoner, Nicole Mogensen, Tiffany Olsen, Ashley Taylor, Lyndi Jensen, Misty Young, Treasa Colby, and Kylie Richins.

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