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Dry winter leads to water concerns for 2012

One of the monitoring stations at Joe's Valley Reservoir shows the lack of snow in the area.

The Emery County Public Lands Council heard from Sherrel Ward as he gave an update on water in the county. He said December was the driest on record. The lucky thing for the county is the carry over in the reservoirs from last year. Ward went over the water in the reservoirs at the present time, Huntington North is 91 percent filled, Electric Lake 81 percent, Miller's Flat-78 percent, Rolfson-77 percent, Huntington Reservoir-70 percent, Cleveland Reservoir 77 percent, Millsite-77 percent and Joe's Valley 76 percent. This carry over in the reservoirs will help with the upcoming irrigation season if the weather pattern continues to be dry.

Total percentage of average for Seely Creek is 70 percent, Buck Flat 77 percent; Red Pine Ridge-76 percent; Clear Creek #1-90 percent; Mammoth-Cottonwood 75 percent and White River- 78 percent. Basin Wide snow water equivalent is 41 percent of average and total precipitation is 78 percent of average.

Ward reported the water study is going well and a draft document is ready. The water study shows ways to more beneficially use the water we have and does a water inventory. It also identifies 36 sites where reservoirs could be built. It identifies areas for additional water storage. Those conducting the study will continue to look at these sites and continue to evaluate them.

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