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Orangeville puts in new restroom to improve field

Orangeville City is proud of the new restroom at the ball field.

Orangeville Mayor Pat Jones reported construction of the new restroom facility at the ballpark had been completed. He reported the work was accomplished by city employees. Part of the project included extending water, sewer and power to the ball field and restroom facility. The restroom is a prefabricated restroom made of cement and painted to appear like wood construction and is similar to those found in the mountains and desert. The restroom was delivered from CTX Concrete Buildings of Spokane, Wash. to the ball field on a truck and weighed 20 tons. A large crane from American Fork was used to lift the restroom from the truck and set it on the cement pad that had been prepared for this installation. In addition to the cement pad on which the restroom was placed, the city installed a large apron of cement around the restroom area to provide easy access for handicapped people and to drain rainwater away from the building. This restroom is placed on the North edge of the large paved parking lot between the two ball fields.

Mayor Jones said this building is really well built with an excellent design and cost over $40,000. The community impact board supplied $35,000 and the city made up the rest of the money needed for this project.

He said the building design is very functional with stainless steel toilets, sinks of stainless steel and there is even a stainless steel mirror. The walls are solid cement. The partition down the middle is a utility strip between the two rooms. That is where all the water comes in. The lights that provide light into the two rooms are in the strip. When the light is turned on it shines through an unbreakable panel into each room. Also there are two stainless steel drinking fountains on the exterior of the building. This is a big improvement for the Orangeville Ball Field.

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