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Orangeville swears in new council members for 2012

Newly elected Orangeville city council members take their oath of office, given by Ruanne Leeflang. James Davis, Ben Orgill and Carol Stilson.

Orangeville City Council met Jan. 4. After the opening ceremony the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer the previous meeting minutes were approved. The newly elected council members were then sworn in by Ruanne Leeflang, City Recorder. The new council members are Ben Orgill, Carol Stilson and James Davis.

After the new council members were sworn in, welcomed by Mayor Pat Jones and given seats on the council, the Mayor gave them their council assignments. Carole Larsen will continue to be over the Planning Commission, the Historical Committee and the Library, Stilson will be over Beautification, the Youth City Council, Main Street improvements and city cleanup, Davis will be over parks, animal control and public safety, Orgill will be over roads, water and sewer, and the fire department, Mark Tuttle will be over the cemetery and city celebrations.

Larsen was elected to be the Mayor Pro Tem for when the Mayor is out of town.

According to Orangeville Ordinances, any person who has farm animals in Orangeville has to have an animal permit. Derek Atwood's request for a farm animal permit was approved. He wants to keep horses on his property.

The council agreed to turn over to collection Matt Wagoner and Brent Fairbanks for failure to pay their water bill. Cindy Nielson explained, when a bill is turned over to a collection agency, and the collection agency recovers the money, the collection agency gets 35 percent of the bill.

Arrow Head Construction owned by Brady and Lane Larson of Orangeville was the successful low bidder for installing ice breaks on the community center roof. This will prevent snow and ice from sliding off of the metal roof and destroying the rain gutters or becoming a hazard to passersby.

The Mayor reported that the hinges on the door at the entrance to the Community Center were broken during the recent high winds that plagued our area. Mayor Jones said the City last year lost about $40,000 in sales tax revenue that they were getting through Industrial Electric. The Mayor then reviewed several of the projects that have been completed over the past year before adjournment.

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