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Huntington City swears in council members

Newly re-elected Huntington City Councilmembers take the oath of office: Julie Jones, Jerry Livingston and Travis Larsen.

Staff Writer

Three members of the Huntington city Council that were re-elected last November were sworn in again to serve on the council. The residents of Huntington voted Jerry Livingston, Travis Larsen and Julie Jones back on to the council.

After the swearing in, Mayor Hilary Gordon gave each of them their department assignments for the new year. Livingston is over the cemetery and the dumpster site. Jones is over parks and recreation, city youth council and economic development. Larsen will remain over the fire department, safety and water. The city is in the midst of building a new fire station that Larsen has been heavily involved with.

Current Councilmen Mark Justice and Jeff Cowley were also given new assignments. Justice is now over roads, the rodeo grounds and planning and zoning. Cowley is over beautification and dogs. Each of the councilmen will still have a responsibility with the annual Heritage Days celebration.

The city also had a long conversation on rates that apply to the cemetery. Huntington City, after the discussion that included a comparison with other nearby cities, voted to raise their rates to more accurately reflect the true cost of services performed.

Non-residents pay more than city residents for cemetery services. The council defined resident for future use.

The Mayor reported that the property purchased from UDOT has been surveyed by Johansen and Tuttle. A land swap with the Castle Valley Co-op has been agreed upon for a small part of that ground and the new parcel has been defined for future users of the ground. The city gave up property on the north for a like amount of property on the west.

The council also approved the 2012 meeting schedule. All meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

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