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Letter to the Editor: Questions nuclear power plant



A couple of nights ago I saw FRONTLINE on PBS concerning nuclear power plants and how they operate. The program looked at the results of the earthquake and tsunami in the nuclear power plant in Japan last year. It also showed the destruction that came to the surrounding country area as one might expect from an earthquake and tsunami.

It showed the extra destruction due to the atomic fallout from the power plant. People have not been able to return to their homes and many probably never will be able to. Much of the atomic residue in the dirt will stay a long time, even forever. This was a very fertile area in Japan. Therefore much of their food was grown there. This will not be possible due to that atomic residue.

The question has been raised about the possibility of having a nuclear power plant near Green River and what it might do to the water in the river and the fish living there? What about the possibility of an earthquake or other destructive force in the Green River area? No one can say such things will never happen there. What will that mean for the people and farmers in that area?

When I first learned about nuclear power in the '40s and '50s I was enthusiastic about what I saw as its positive possibilities. Since then I have come to know more and question its use because of its destructive possibilities, even when intended for helpful, peaceful uses.

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