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Emery High does Well at Sterling Scholars


Emery High had a Sterling Scholar competitor in each of the 12 categories.

The Emery High School Sterling Scholars traveled to Blanding on March 24 for the 23rd annual Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar competition and came away with a huge number of awards and honors. The Sterling Scholar competition is a contest for students in academic areas. Each school may nominate 12 Sterling Scholars from their school who compete in 12 areas. The areas of Sterling Scholar competition are business and marketing, music, technology, science, math, social science, family and consumer science, visual arts, speech and drama, foreign language, English, and general scholarship. Just being named a Sterling Scholar from a school is quite an honor but then a winner is named in each category from the Southeastern Utah area in each of these categories also. The high schools at the competition in Blanding were Carbon, Emery, East Carbon, Green River, Grand County, Monticello, San Juan, Whitehorse, and Monument Valley. Sixty-seven students competed from these eight schools.

The competition involves the student building a 32 page portfolio of their scholastic achievement in their area, their other scholastic activities, their leadership, and their service. It also involves a 15 minute interview with three college professors with a background in the particular scholastic area. Judges came from CEU, SUU, and UVSC.

Emery High had students in each of the 12 areas and was the only school at the competition with students in all areas. The students representing Emery High School were: Meagan Rogers, general scholarship; Allie Mangum, English; Kelsie Anderson, foreign language; Bethany Peacock, speech and drama; Becky Wright, visual arts; Natalie Larsen, family and consumer science; Melisa Wilson, social science; Jeremy Gilbert, math; Leo Wright, science; Kortnie Anderson, technology; Cadence Tuttle, music; and Michelle Johansen, business and marketing. These students have been working all year in preparation for this competition. Emery had four winners and five runners up.

The winners from Emery were: Melisa Wilson, social science; Bethany Peacock, speech and drama; Kelsie Anderson, foreign language; and Leo Wright, dcience. The runners up were: Michelle Johansen, business; Kortnie Anderson, technology; Meagan Rogers, general scholarship; Cadence Tuttle, music; and Becky Wright, visual arts.

The winners receive a full tuition scholarship from any university or college in the state of Utah and $300 for college expenses. The runners up receive a full tuition scholarship or part- tuition scholarship from any school in the state. The Sterling Scholars represent the best in academics in their schools and the best in the Southeastern Utah area.

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