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Letter to the Editor: Green River Resident speaks in support of nuclear power plant

Green River

Well I for one must speak up against the folks who claim to be "local" in this the latest attack on the possible nuclear power plant proposed to be constructed in my little town of Green River, Utah. The lady, Ms.Galler, whom I have never heard of, claims to be the spokesperson for a "group of locals". If she is a local, why in 30+ years of living in this tiny little town, have I never heard of her?

The answer is just as simple as it seems. She is not a local. In addition to this point, I would say in my opinion and from speaking with certain folks who have voiced their opposition to the plant, most opposition is not from our town and not from our area at all. People from all areas of the country, Florida, New York, Kentucky, Washington, Oregon, and lest we forget California, in numerous environmental groups have all joined the fight against the nuclear facility here in Green River.

They for the most part have to make themselves appear to be local to give themselves relevancy of which they are in short supply. The dishonesty of claims such as these is just a sneak peek at the more grand dishonesty that these folks will display such as the friendly folks over at H.E.A.L. UTAH.

Those guys photoshopped a picture of a nuclear reactor on the immediate shoreline of Lake Powell to distort the facts of the location of the facility. It was a deliberate attempt to play on the emotions of wealthy liberal leaning environmental groups to join the fight to stop this facility from happening. Why is it that they will distort the facts and twist the truths to stop something from happening?

I will answer the question like this; If they tell the truth and do not stretch the story and stick only to relevent and accurate statements it will cause their opposition to become moot. Therefore they must add little tidbits, like being "local", they must add a dishonest photo to give sway to their argument. They (radical left wing groups) nation wide have proved for the last 60 years that they will stop at nothing to acheive their goal, and gravitating into the realm of deceit and dishonesty is no barrier for the better part of these groups.....What do you think about that?

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