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Drill Team: Spring Show

Sports reporter

The 2002-2003 Emery High Spardettes.

The Spardette Spring Performance was held on March 18. The 2002-03 Spardettes are Ariane Tucker, Jamie Hanson, Ashley Blake, Kisty Bowden, Jessica Mason, Brayci Griffin, Carrie Bell, Aubrey Jensen, Bradee Seely, Samantha Jones, Kaylynn Snow, Allison Ware, Savanna Allred, Karrie Johansen and Kristine Johansen. They are coached by Nadene Hinkins.

The evening began with a welcome by Hinkins followed by Bethany Peacock singing the national anthem. Hinkins then introduced each of the Spardettes as they were escorted across the floor by their fathers and brothers.

The Spardettes performed many different styles of dance. They ranged from jazz, lyrical jazz, prop and kick to hip hop, stylized jazz, and military. There were several guest performances: four San Rafael students sang "Prayer of the Children," Kaylee Edgehouse, a former Spardette sang, the Emery High, San Rafael, and Canyon View cheerleaders performed. There was even a special dance with the drill team and some of the young men fromEmery High.

The senior Spardettes performed a special number together. The evening came to a close with the Spardettes performing their military routine and then the girls presented Hinkins with a gift for all her hard work.

Young men who participated were: Daniel Espino, Dillon Hickok, Matt Harrison, Adam Ware, Michael Stream, Curt Jensen, Daniel Luke, Courtney Hansen, Brad Bentley, Trevor Cowley, Landon Watson, Jason Stevens, Daniel Kinder, Donald Greenburg and Bryson Hinkins.

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