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Huntington City changes cemetery fee schedule - fire station progresses

Huntington's new fire station is moving along.

Staff Writer

In the February Huntington City Council meeting, the city council approved new regulations concerning operation of the city cemetery. After discussing the issue last month, the city approved Resolution 1-2012 and Ordinance 1-2012.

The resolution approves changes in the fee structure for the cemetery. Huntington residents will now pay a fee of $300 to buy a burial site in the cemetery and non-residents will pay $700. Other rates for services rendered at the cemetery are also being raised to reflect more directly the actual cost of providing the services.

The ordinance defines who is eligible to be called a resident. The definition of a resident is now (1) a person that is currently living in Huntington or has moved away from Huntington for health care reasons other than climate change, (2) a person that is no longer living in Huntington yet had lived in Huntington for ten nonconsecutive years or more during their lifetime, (3)non-residents residing within three miles of Huntington City limits.

It was also stated that burials will not take place on certain holidays and on Sundays.

Huntington resident Gloria Wilson was approved to be an alternate Huntington Planning and Zoning committee member.

In other business, Councilman Travis Larsen reported the fire station is progressing towards completion although not as fast as everyone would like. Larsen also reported that the mountain snow pack is at 50 percent. He reported that this year should be good for water but next year could be questionable without additional snowfall.

The mayor reported that city workers are assisting the CVSSD in the installation of the new water meters. These meters will cut the meter reading time by close to 80 percent and will allow for meter reading during the winter. The mayor also reported that plans for the 2012 Heritage Days celebration are being formulated.

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