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Heading into the last two weeks


HB363 passed the House this last week. HB363 guts the current public school curriculum about sex education. It allows districts to drop the course entirely but dictates that if taught, abstinence only is the core of the curriculum. I voted against the bill for two reasons, first, it is an unnecessary bill, secondly, there is nothing that indicates that what has been taught for many years has created problems. Certain legislators want to privatize education - another bad idea. An overwhelming majority of Utah's school age children are taught in public schools and studies indicate they are getting an exceptional education. Educators have done an outstanding job of teaching and guiding their students. Unfortunately, they are rewarded with budget cuts and criticism. As a former teacher and teacher advocate, I know many of the educators in the southeastern school districts. They are dedicated, hardworking, and take pride in their chosen profession. There are several more anti-education bills working their way through the legislature and I will continue to vote against them. To all of the people who work in our school districts, no matter the job or level, I say thank you for being there for our precious children.

Joint Resolution SCR2 is an important message for all of us. It is a resolution dealing with Advance Directive Care and End of Life Directives. Too many of us shy away from the difficult topic of death and what we want done when we can no longer make decisions for ourselves. Spare your loved ones from having to guess what you would want if you have a health emergency or terminal illness. I have an elderly family member who took the time to write down her wishes and it will make decisions that her children have to make much less difficult. All of us should get one of the documents listed above (available on line or at your local hospital) and fill it out while we are in charge of our own mental faculties.

All of my bills have passed through the House and are in the Senate. Several have already passed through to the governor and have been enrolled (means they are done). I have enjoyed meeting with senior citizens, civic leaders, firefighters, educators, and all others from home. I'd like to thank you for caring about the communities that we live in.

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