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Emery County Business Chamber March Lunch and Learn

Tyler Wilkinson and his family.

The Emery County Business Chamber is excited to announce their March Lunch and Learn. It will be on March 21 at noon. The March Lunch and Learn will be held at the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale.

Tyler Wilkinson will be the featured speaker on this day. Tyler is a motivational speaker from St. George.

Tyler will speak about overcoming adversity in life as well as business.

"The key message that I share is that every day we can look at and focus on all the bad things in our lives or we can focus on all the positive and all the good things," said Tyler, "And if we do that, life is much more enjoyable and positive. People want to be around us more if we can maintain a positive outlook."

Tyler was an all-state athlete in three sports at Dixie High. He was involved in a car accident his senior year and is now in a wheel chair due to his injuries. Come and hear the motivational message that Tyler has for you.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend to: Patsy Stoddard, 435-381-2431; Taina Benson 435-384-3333.

Chamber president is Tyler Jeffs: 650-4222. Cost is $12 per person.

If you are a chamber member from 2011 or join for 2012 before March 20 your lunch will be free, but please call and preregister so a lunch count can be made.

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