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Political parties prepare for caucus night with training

Joni Crane gives caucus training to precinct chairman and interested parties.

Staff Writer

Emery County Republican Party Caucus Training was held Feb. 23, at the old County Courthouse in Castle Dale. This training was sponsored by the Republican Party for anyone that wanted to learn how to participate in a precinct caucus.

Bill Dellos Chairman of the Emery County Republican Party introduced Joni Crane the Uintah County Republican Party Chairman as the caucus trainer. Crane also works for the Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright and is a representative for the First Congressional District to the Utah Republican Party's Executive Committee.

Crane explained the caucus was an important opportunity for neighbors to get together and learn which candidates the delegates to be elected at the caucus will support at the state convention and the views of their neighbors. As Utah Republican Party Chairman Wright said in a short video "One person can make a difference. It can be you. It should be you. So please attend your precinct caucus meeting."

Crane brought with her packets of instructions for each of the 12 Republican precincts in Emery County. These packets included, the agenda for conducting a precinct caucus meeting, who is eligible to vote at the caucus (any registered Republican that will be at least 18 years of age at the time of the next general election and has resided in the county for one year), a sign-in sheet for attendees, the party platform to be read, and the ballots to be used for electing the precinct chairman, the vice chairman, the secretary, treasurer and the county and state Delegates.

Crane also bought with her caucus yard signs to be set up announcing the March 15 Republican caucus meetings for use in each precinct. The packets and signs were given to Chairman Dellos and distributed to each precinct.

Each of the 29 counties in the State of Utah will receive precinct packets and precinct caucus signs in preparation for March 15.

Statistics show caucus attendance reflects voter turnout in each precinct. Low caucus attendance relates to low voter turnout.

Because of voter apathy in Utah, Crane encouraged voters to get absentee ballots and vote by mail. Voting by mail will save the voter time and money, by not having to drive to the polls.

It is possible to get on the permanent vote by mail list at the Emery County Clerk Auditors Office. Even if you are on the vote by mail list you can still decide to vote at the polls or vote early. Voting by mail can increase voter turnout.

After turning over all the precinct packets and supplies, Crane departed for Carbon County where she was scheduled to give the Carbon County Caucus Training. Chairman Dellos then closed the meeting with encouraging the Republicans to attend their caucus March 15.

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