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Ferron scouts participate in the Pinewood Derby

Cub master for Ferron is Steven Snow, he turns the cars loose at the Pinewood Derby.

Ferron Creek Stake

Pinewood Derby Winners

Fifty Cub Scouts participated in this year's event on Feb. 23. The top six finalists in each group will advance to the District Competition on March 17 in Castle Dale.


1- Austen Albrecht

2- Shaidyn Killpack

3- Kemmer Cornish

4- Trace Funk

5- Lehi Johnson

6- Gus Dalton


1- Jacob Behling

2- Bryer Meccariello

3- Eric Gudmonson

4- Jordon Chamberlain

5- Drake Weber

6- Korby Christiansen


1- McCoy Allinson

2- Cavery Killpack

3- Dallin Braun

4- Derek Johnson

5- Hayden Bringhurst

6- Bryon Christiansen

Grand Champion

1- McCoy Allinson

2- Austen Allbrecht

3- Cavery Killpack

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