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Well, I don't know about you people, but a few weeks ago I was trying to survive the electricity blips and blurbs that happened all night. I call the electricity going off and on every minute or so, blips and blurbs. It tried but finally it went off for about an hour in the middle of a snow storm which brought us about two inches of snow. Ten minutes to 10 it went off for an hour.

Now I suppose I should appreciate the fact that it was only an hour and I do. I appreciate that I had a couple of blips and blurbs to warn me so I could gather up all my stuff and get ready for the bigger picture. A lot of people just went to bed and slept until it was over but that is a little hard for me to do. I use an electric lift chair and an electric bed so the lesser of the two evils is my chair. I wasn't ready to sleep yet. So I gathered my lamp, and my reading material and water etc. just in case things got worse. They did.

Now when the lights go out I cannot get out of my chair until they come back on. I can handle it but I don't like it. Ever notice when the lights go out it is more black than the ace of spades? You are suddenly thrust into this quiet blackness. Makes me feel vulnerable. Heat goes off. Computer goes off. Everything stands still. Snow swirling outside your door. It makes you feel grateful that you are on the inside and not out there in the cold. You grab your flashlight and blankets and settle in thinking it won't be long. Then the half hour stretches into 45 minutes and you are not sure if they have declared war or not. An hour is a heck of a long time.

I held my shaking dog because she did not like the flash light at all. We kept each other company. Made each other brave. My cat kept running around growling at every sound he heard and thought it was up to him to be the 'watch cat.'

Finally light restored. Sleep comes. Next morning you decide all is well and began to dig out. Put everything away, so to speak. Not so! Half way up from being lifted out of my chair, electricity goes out again. Only difference is you can see. Thank goodness I was up enough that I could get out of my chair. Spent the next two hours with the TV going on and off and the electricity going on and off every five or ten minutes at will. I never did find out what had caused all of this. It was annoying.

You would think with power plants surrounding us that we would be the last people to lose electricity. Not so. We are the first. Always has been. Always will be I guess. A friend of mine just moved here from Provo and said that the lights went out more on Sunday and Monday than they had in the two years he had lived over the hill. Progress? I don't think so. Here in Emery County having candles and flashlights handy is part of our every day life. Oh well, that's my world. Until next time here is a little fact to remember, "The electric chair was invented by a dentist."

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