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Married 54 years, this Grandmother shares 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

Carma Sirrine and her husband of 54 years.

Carma Bunderson Sirrine grew up in Wellington, and attended 10th grade to graduation in Price. She then attended Carbon Jr College as it was known then for two years, graduating with a Associate of Science Degree and many business courses. There she was the secretary to the Guidance Counselor, William C. Cross, who was also the Dean of Men, and enjoyed that position more than any other she has had.

She comes from the Bunderson line that has been in Emery County since February 1889 when her grandfather Peter Victor Bunderson and grandmother, Sena Christina Nielsen, moved to Emery from Mayfield with two small children. They built a home in Emery and raised nine children there. Many descendants of Roy Bunderson still live in Emery County. Most of the other children and their posterity have moved eventually to the greater Salt Lake area along the Wasatch Front and other towns in Utah. Sirrine and her two sisters enjoyed spending two weeks each summer with aunts and uncles playing with their cousins who lived in Emery or out on the creek in the case of Roy's family.Carma's father, Joseph Victor Bunderson became principal and teacher of math and English in the Wellington school. He eventually was assistant principal at the Price Jr. High School and Guidance Counselor there and at the new Price Sr. High School. He dearly enjoyed helping the students with their careers and personal lives.

You could say Sirrine knows a few things about raising a family as she and her husband of 54 years, had a family of eight children, all but one sons. With no brothers herself, this was quite the learning experience. In 1971 they bought a half acre lot and began building their own home in Granite. This took a year to complete to the point they could move into the basement. In those days, a family could live in their own home unfinished while doing the finishing touches They did this so the children could begin school in their new area. They felt inspired to move there and have loved their association with many neighbors for most of these years also. Now she cares for grandchildren three times a week, works in their extensive garden, writes and enjoys sending e-mail messages to family and friends

In 1999 she and her husband went to the Philippines to help the local people in the Manila mission with their livlihood. This was a challenging and rewarding job that gave a great experience. This gave the idea of writing the book after seeing the love and devotion of many of the senior couples for each other. Many were asked after they were all home, to give stories of how they managed to stay married all these years. She also asked friends and relatives from all walks of life for their stories. These comprise the 10 chapters of her book, each about a different aspect of marriage.

Sirrine said she hopes people who read her book will see ways to improve their lives, and will find ideas and inspiration to change for the better. This is a great gift for all people at all times, not being a seasonal book at all. It is great for ones thinking of being married, newlyweds and every occasion where people want to find more happiness in life. Carma Sirrine has a new website which you can view immediately by putting in the link to the website.

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