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Emery County libraries offer on-line services

Head Librarians Roxanne Noyes and Carole Larsen explain all the services the local libraries offer including the on-line library.


The Emery County head librarians Carole Larsen and Roxanne Noyes presented an information slide show to the Emery County Commissioners. They are promoting the use of the library and connecting with your local library system through the internet. You can log in with your library card number, name and a password. The librarians are eager to get you going on this new adventure through the local library system.

You can go online and view your account and check out books. You can browse through all of the books, videos and supplies available at the library for check-out. The library boasts books on CD so your library can travel with you in the vehicle. The library website address is

The library has a calendar posted on line that lists all of the storytimes for preschool and other library activities. Through the Emery County library website there is also access to the Utah Library website. This site has a myriad of useful information and data bases pertaining to every subject under the sun including how to guides with auto repair among others. The encyclopedias are also online at the library source as well as health information. Larsen and Noyes encouraged everyone to get on the website and see what it has to offer. You can renew your books on line. Every Saturday at the Castle Dale library is half-price fine day to catch up on any fines you might owe. Another feature is the ability to download books for free onto your Kindle, Nook or other electronic device.

Noyes said some library patrons may not be aware of all the services the library offers. The library has lamination services, copies, posters and others. You can view trailers for books on the website. The library offers inner-library loans between all the libraries in Emery County. If your library doesn't have a book you want the librarians will find it for you. They offer loans from the state library as well and a small postage fee is charged for these books. They can even search nationwide for any book you might need.

The library offers a write-up each month from one of the local librarians highlighting special books. The monthly newsletter spotlights books that will be released that month. The librarians want you to know they are excited about the new features and services the library has to offer. They are working hard to keep up to date on all the latest technology for libraries. They encourage everyone to watch for the summer reading storytime program which will begin in June.

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