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Orangeville City council discusses city projects and cleanup day

Staff Writer

Orangeville City Council met on March 8 in their regular city council meeting. One of the first items on the agenda was a donation request by Brian Dawes for the Emery County Community Theater. The city council approved a donation of $100. The disposition of an old Orangeville City road grader needing extensive repair was discussed. The decision was made to trade the grader to Danny Cox in exchange for work he will provide.

The need for an upgraded cell phone for the city zoning administrator was tabled until further information and pricing is received.

The need for additional tables and chairs for the community center was considered. It was decided there were sufficient chairs, but the purchase of tables to replace broken tables and a few 18 inch wide tables would be useful. The quantity and the cost of tables will be looked into and recommendations will be made at a future meeting.

Due to a recommendation by the Utah Local Government and Trust Insurance Company, the Orangeville City Council decided that anyone wanting to volunteer to help out on city projects would be required to fill out a volunteer application. This will also apply to Eagle Scouts wanting to do an Eagle Scout project on city property. Those volunteers and Eagle Scouts working on projects will have to be supervised by a city employee. This is being instituted to protect the city from liability and to keep better track of the various projects that volunteers and scouts are involved in.

A resolution raising the amount of money a city employee or a member of the city council and the fire department may spend without city council authorization was adopted.

A resolution was passed, setting forth the Observance of Religious Freedom. In other words all religions will be respected equally in city council meetings.

Due to a few citizens complaints the city council passed a resolution regarding city office hours. Those hours will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The planning commission represented by Dennis Tuttle requested guidance from the city council concerning people who rent out single family homes or basement apartments and become landlords of single-family homes and basement apartments. Landlords of duplexes, fourplexes and apartment houses are required to have a city business license. The city attorney wrote a letter stating anyone getting income from renting a building was considered a business. Tuttle could not find other cities requiring a city business license for people that rent single family homes or basement apartments. The city council did not make a recommendation. This topic will be discussed again at the next planning commission meeting. Carol Stilson reported that the Orangeville City Cleanup Day would begin April 28. An Orangeville Easter Egg Hunt is being planned.

James Davis reviewed the possibility of several projects in the Orangeville Welcome Park. Those projects could possibly become Eagle Scout projects, such as a winding sidewalk along the creek bank, a gazebo in the center of the park, some benches, a few decorative street lights, a couple of picnic tables and some trenching for sprinklers and electrical. This would be done when and as the budget would allow. The site prep could be done now with the trenching, the pipe and the electrical wire and next year start on one or two of the other projects. This park could tie in with a walking path someday. The city will look for volunteers to help with these projects.

Reese Jewkes presented to the city Council, a plan for installing electronically operated sprinkler heads in the Orangeville Cemetery. This would require about 4,000-5,000 feet of electrical wire and the rental of a trencher. The city council approved going ahead with this project.

Ruanne Leeflang reminded the city council that it is budget time and each council person needs to review each of their departments. Mayor Pat Jones said, "The city is hurting for money, try to stay with in your budgets and keep it less if you can. We may not get the amount of money that is proposed in the budget." The budget year ends June 30.

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