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Political season begins in Emery County: interest in commission seat by both Democrats and Republicans


The political season in Emery County has begun. Candidates who have filed for office include: County Commissioner: Laurie Pitchforth - Democratic: Ethan T. Migliori- Republican; Kent R. Keele - Republican; James L. Davis - Republican

School Board District #1: Samuel M. Singleton, Bruce C. Funk, Kent B. McKell.

School Board District #2: Nanette Tanner.

School Board District #3: Laurel S. Johansen.

The commissioner candidates will attend their county conventions where they will be nominated for these positions by party members. The school board candidates are nonpartisan. A primary election will need to be held for the school district number one candidates where one will be eliminated and the top two vote getters will be placed on the November ballot. Those running for school board do not attend county conventions they move automatically to a primary in June.

The county conventions for the Republicans and the Democrats will be held on March 30. The Republicans will meet at Huntington Elementary at 6 p.m. and the Democrats will meet at the Orangeville Community Center at 6 p.m.

The Republicans have three candidates vying for the open commissioner spot. One of these candidates will be eliminated at the county convention. If one of the other two candidates doesn't receive at least 60 percent of the vote there will be a primary election in June to decide who will run against the Democratic candidate in November. Other political action included the holding of caucus meetings for the Democrats on March 13 and for the Republicans on March 15. These neighborhood meetings were held throughout the county to elect delegates to attend the county conventions on March 30.

At the Democratic county conventions the state delegates will be selected to attend the state conventions. The local candidates will be nominated and approved at the county conventions. State Delegates will attend the State Party Conventions in April. The Caucus members also elected Precinct leadership, such as the Precinct Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Secretary/Treasurer.

The Republican Caucus meetings had a record voter turnout this year with double and triple attendance. It was reported that more than 500 Republicans attended the 12 Caucus meetings held around Emery County March 15.

The Republican Caucuses elected all the State Delegates allotted to each Precinct. These State Delegates will then attend the State Republican Convention April 21 in Sandy. There will be no Republican State Delegates elected at the County Convention this year.

David Hinkins, Ferron, who has represented Carbon and Emery counties in State Senate District 27 for the past four years, has three challengers for his seat. He is facing Republicans Stephen White, Mapleton and Michael Stansfield. The Democrats have one person challenging Hinkins in Michael Binyon, Moab.

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