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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Restroom Cleaning and Maintenance - Buckhorn Information Center

    Emery County is now requesting proposals for the regular cleaning
and care of the vault toilet restrooms located at the Buckhorn
Information Center west of Castle Dale.  Proposals should also include
interior cleaning of the adjacent Information Center Building; however
this building will be used infrequently and will require minimal care.
 A small storage room is attached to the restrooms to hold necessary

	Proposals should be provided as a monthly cost to perform the
following duties and it is anticipated that there will be a two year
contract with the possibility of an extension: 

	1. Weekly cleaning of the men's and women's restrooms.
	2. Monthly deep cleaning including a wash down of restrooms using 
	    water and disinfectant or similar cleaning solution.
	3. Deliver and install toilet paper in restrooms during weekly
	    (toilet paper to be provided by Emery County Travel Bureau).  
	4.Dusting and cleaning inside the Information center building as 
	5. General trash cleanup and care of the area around the facility.

	Pumping of the pit toilets is not included in this Request for
Proposal.  This will be done through a separate process.  

	Proposals must be delivered or received by the Emery County
Clerk/Auditor Office at 75 East Main Street, Castle Dale or faxed to
435 381-5183 by 5:00 P.M. on April 3, 2012.  Bids will be opened and
considered for approval in regular Commission meeting on April 10 at
9:00 am.  

	Emery County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.  For
more information please contact Tina Carter or Mike McCandless at
(435) 381-2600.   
Published in the Emery County Progress March 20 and 27, 2012.  

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