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Spring Fling Tumbling Meet

The perfect back flip

DeRoche Gym of Huntington, recently hosted a qualifying meet for tumbling students from across the state of Utah at Huntington Elementary.

Local competitors placing are listed below:

Girls 9-10 Level 5

Tyler Tucker, first; Markette Tanner, second; Mikah Sacco, third; MaKayla Copinga, fourth; Kielie Ivie, fifth; Kaitlyn Thomson, sixth; Kelsey Gordon, seventh.

Girl 6 Level 1

Jordan Mann, first; Cyndee Jensen, third; Kambrie Hinkins, fourth; Ashley Chidester, sixth.

Girls 7-8 Level 5

Sidnee Conder, first; Ashlee Guymon, second.

Girls 9-10 Level 6

Rachel Peterson, first.

Girls 13-14 Level 8

Kamree Campbell, third.

Girls 15 and up Level 8

Megan Sorensen, second.

Girls 11-12 Level 7

Kaitlen Caldwell, first; Adrienne Jones, fourth.

Girls 15 and up Level 7

Roxanne Jackson, first; Michelle Peterson, third; Lisa Sorensen, fourth.

Boys 9-10 Level 1

Adam Hardy, first.

Girls 6 Level 1

Gentry Noyes, first; Kamrie Simmons, third; Taycee Tucker, sixth; Lacy McElprang, seventh; Jaylyn Oliver, seventh.

Boys 6 and under Level 1

Matthew Peterson, first.

Girls 7-8 Level 6

Madison Gortat, first; Kodi Caldwell, third.

Girls 5 Level 1

Aubree Rowley, first; Shaylynn Rowley, second; Skyler Sitterud, third.

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