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Easter weekend in Emery County

Emergency personnel clear up an accident on SR-10 at the Cleveland Junction.


Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported Easter weekend had a few mishaps and accidents beginning on Thursday afternoon at the Cleveland Junction on SR-10 by the Huntington Reservoir. A white passenger car carrying a female driver pulled out in front of a Nielson Construction dump truck. The driver of the dump truck was able to avoid hitting the car where the driver was seated and hit the back end of the vehicle. The truck crossed the road and stopped still heading north. The driver of the car was transported to Castleview Hospital with broken bones and a possible head injury. The truck driver was uninjured.

Also on Thursday just prior to the collision involving the car and the dump truck two vehicles were involved in a rear end collision near the Huntington Airport entrance.

On Saturday there was an accident on I-70 and Air Med was called in to transport one of the injured. There were six people injured and the Ferron ambulance responded to mile post 113 to assist at the scene.

On Sunday the sheriff's office was called to a domestic violence incident in Ferron. A sergeant from the sheriff's office arrived on the scene and a male suspect pulled a gun on the officer. The officer instructed the subject to put down the gun. The suspect obeyed the officer and put the gun down. The man was arrested at the scene.

"We helped with an investigation with the Carbon County Sheriff's office involving a stolen vehicle," said Sheriff Funk. "Things were really pretty quiet. There were a lot of people on the desert and they behaved themselves. We had four deputies out there all day and all night. They were passing out maps and information. There was one vehicle that drove beyond a barrier, but for the most part people stayed on the designated routes and trails. The search and rescue went out on an over due party call, but the party was located at home before a full search was made. Apparently, the lady had lost her cell phone in the Cedar Mountain area and the family kept calling the cell phone. This year the Goblin Valley area was packed with campers and was the area that saw the most use," said Sheriff Funk.

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