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Huntington city news

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At the Huntington City Council meeting for March, Paul Cowley stood up during the public comment period and suggested that it might be fun to have lawn mower races as part of the annual Heritage Days celebration this July. The council thought the idea sounded fun and it may just happen.

It was mentioned the Heritage Days celebration this season will be three days long. While the Fourth of July is on a Wednesday, the celebration will start on Monday night with a concert and dinner at the pavilion in the park.

On Tuesday night, the high-energy group No Limits will perform at the pavilion in conjunction with the free ice cream social. Dancing will also be encouraged.

On Wednesday night, Haywire, a local country group will perform at Canyon View junior high school prior to the fireworks later that night. All should have a good time for three straight evenings at the celebration.

In other business, Huntington City is purchasing some ground from the Castle Valley Co-op that abuts ground already owned by the city on the corner of Main Street and 400 North. The City will sell the property as a single piece or as one of three parcels to any business ready to develop here in town.

Former councilman Bob Mills questioned why the city was buying property and, after an explanation, seemed satisfied. Many cities are involved in economic development in their boundaries to assist job growth. Emery County Economic Development's Mike McCandless already has businesses interested and looking.

The city rezoned Ernesto Ibanez's property on 400 East to residential from industrial as part of a land use change. The council also approved the position of vice-chair for the planning and zoning commission.

On April 7, both the city clean up and the burn period begins. The burn period will last for 30 days and you must get a permit first before burning. They must also notify the sheriff's department prior to burning. The secondary water will also be turned on around that same day based on weather over the next couple of weeks.

During council reports, Travis Larsen reported the fire station should be done in the next couple of weeks and that the contractor did a good job although he was slow. The city invites the citizens of Huntington to stop in for a tour of the building any time.

Larsen reported that the water this year should be adequate even with lower snowfall totals this year. The reservoirs all went into winter nearly full and with proper use by the users of Huntington Creek, all should enjoy water the entire year. Please be conservative when the water goes on.

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