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Silver bowl award winner

Jeanie Tidwell won the Silver Bowl award.

Jeanie Tidwell, a Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Volunteer received the Silver Bowl Award, recognized for her extraordinary service to her community of Green River. Every year, the Utah Volunteer Centers Association presents the Silver Bowl Awards to recognize outstanding community volunteers. This year, Jeanie was nominated by Teresa Zamudio, the Emery County RSVP Volunteer Coordinator. In a luncheon ceremony on April 11 at the Provo Marriott, Lt. Gov. Greg Bell presented Silver Bowl Awards to winners from each volunteer center or county.

Jeanie was born July 3, 1947 in Youngstown, Ohio, but moved to Utah at a young age. When Jeanie was 6 years old, she lost her parents in an auto accident, so she was raised by her grandmother. She grew up in Fillmore and Salina, and then settled in Green River in 1963. In 1998, Jeanie moved to Henrietta, Okla., to live closer to her daughter, and to take care of a dear friend. After her friend passed away, Jeanie was diagnosed with diabetes, and she moved back to "her Green River to heal."

Jeanie has dedicated her life to service. In the past seven years she has single-handedly supplied the Community Center with enough baked goods, sewn and crocheted items to make Green River's annual Christmas Bazaar a success. She starts crocheting in January to get ready for the next Christmas fundraiser.

For the past several years, she has also volunteered at the local thrift store, cleaning, organizing, and selling items. The thrift store proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club of Green River. Jeanie contributes her time at the local food pantry stocking shelves. She has also cooked when needed at the community center for the community meal program. She bakes her delicious homemade doughnuts for events; and every Sunday for the last seven years, Jeanie has baked for her church members enjoyment.

She is always willing to help and goes the extra mile to make all of her creations with extra love. She truly offers a huge benefit to her small community.

Silver Bowl Nominations are submitted by volunteer centers throughout Utah. Nominees are judged by: longevity of volunteering, average number of hours volunteered each week, personal qualities making them an outstanding volunteer, effect of nominee's activities on the quality of life in the community, overcoming personal and community problems or challenges, lack of previous recognition of nominee's contribution, and any other outstanding qualifications.

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